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Chinese Money Plant 

April 6, 2023


In this post, I’m showcasing my Chinese Money Plant.  While I don’t know that the name of this plant actually has any financial roots (pun intended), its current status accurately reflects my current financial situation: not thriving, but not in a dismal state either - so that's a win!   


I had originally bought this plant because I heard it was an easy plant to propagate, and I was going through a strong propagation phase.  I can confidently say that this plant was NOT easy to make happy.  I’ve had this little buddy for over two years, and he’s produced ONE pup that immediately died when I looked at it.  I’ve tried repotting him, switching up the soil content, changing his lighting - all the things.  He literally looks exactly the same as he did when I first got him.  But I respect him for that.  I like to think he’s comfortable with where he’s at, and is perfectly content just living life this way.  Bloom where you are planted (or in his case, just be okay with where you are planted). 


Below is how you too can add a Chinese Money Plant that will not grow (but also will not die) to your home!


Emily’s Bad Plant-Mom Guide:


Care Level





Once a week if you remember


Not a clue - if my room were a wine, it’d be a sauvignon blanc (tis dry)


Not happening



As I just did a quick google search on the background of this plant, I’m realizing that you’re supposed to place a coin in the plant’s soil to attract wealth.  So excuse me while I go do that. But please enjoy these pictures of my little guy just watching the world go by. 

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